Water Testing

by WaterLink Spin (Retail Store Only)

The WaterLink Spin system offers a precise analysis of your pool’s water chemistry. This is one of the most accurate ways to determine the best most effective way to treat your pool.

Free with purchase of chemicals (regular testing price $3.00).

Helpful hints for testing

  1. Pool water should be circulated at least 24 hours prior to avoid over concentration
  2. Make sure to use a clean plastic container to avoid contamination
  3. Water sample should be taken about 1-2 feet from the surface or at elbow depth
  4. Make sure container is completely sealed to avoid evaporation
  5. Do not leave your water sample in your car for more than an hour. Especially in warm weather this can lead to altered levels of chlorine and other chemistry.

Test - Range

Chlorine1-3 ppm
Free chlorine1-3 ppm
Total Alkalinity80-140 ppm
Calcium Hardness100-400 ppm
Stabilizer30-100 ppm
Bromine2-4 ppm
Copper0 ppm
Iron0 ppm
Phosphate0-125 ppm