Pool Covers

New pool cover installation

Coverstar Automatic Pool Covers

An automatic pool cover gives you the convenience of a solar, winter and safety cover all in one. You will notice that pool chemicals last longer, there will be a decrease in water evaporation, heating costs will be lower, pool cleaning time will be reduced and a longer safer swimming season.

Mesh and Solid Safety Covers

Safety covers are designed to protect your investment but more importantly, your family.

Automatic pool cover repair and tune-up

  1. Lubricate all pulleys
  2. Grease all fittings
  3. Adjust cover tracking
  4. Flush dirt from tracks
  5. Clean cover
  6. Put on cover protectant
  7. Clean housing
  8. Clean pump
  9. Wipe down unit
  10. Visual inspection and will notify you if any parts need repairing or replacing


Pool Cover