Pool and Spa Maintenance

Make sure your pool is ready for the annual neighborhood cookout or your child’s birthday party with a one time full service visit. Or if a busy work schedule prevents you from keeping your pool maintained schedule biweekly visits from us to keep your pool in tip-top shape.

Skilled Technicians

Swim Store technicians are factory trained to service all types of pools, spas, and accompanying equipment. Including, but not limited to, heaters, pumps, auto covers, and filtration systems. Our technicians are constantly training to keep up with advancing technologies.

Weekly Chemical Services

Water chemistry can be a tricky thing. The slightest change in the environment can completely throw off your pools chemistry leading to unseen damage to major components. Why not let our highly skilled technicians keep your water balanced every week and save you and your wallet from a major headache.

Full Service Visits

We offer full service visits as well.

Full Service Includes:

  1. Cleaning the Skimmer & Strainer Baskets
  2. Scrubbing the Water Line
  3. Backwash Sand Filter (if applicable)
  4. Fill Chemical Feeder
  5. Check Equipment
  6. Vacuum Pool
  7. Water Surface Skimming
  8. Debris Removal
  9. Test Water Chemistry
  10. Add Chemicals if necessary (Extra charge for Chemicals used)

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