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Pool maintenance is incredibly important. For all your chemical needs we carry a large line up of products to keep your pool clear and healthy.

pH Balancers

Water acidity is incredibly important. Keeping your pH in check with pH Increasers and Decreasers is detrimental to the safety of your water and also protects your


Make sure your water is crystal clear with Water Clarifiers.


Keep your pool free of germs and bacteria with any of our sanitizers.


Alkalinity is one of the many factors that can affect the water quality of your swimming pool. Closely related to pH, total alkalinity measures the pool’s ability to neutralize acids and keeps the pH level stable.


Shocking your pool is a great way to remove organic particles, kill bacteria, clear algae, and raise your chlorine level.


Is your pool green? Does it look like the loch ness monster could be living in your pool? If so, perhaps it’s time to introduce some algaecide to your pool. Algaecide is the best way to remove stubborn algae and get your pool ready for swimming.

Calcium Hardness

When maintain a pool calcium levels can often be overlooked. However calcium is very essential to the function of your pool. Too high levels of calcium can lead to scaling and cloudiness. Too low of calcium can shorten the life of a vinyl liner as well as cause serious damage to metal railings, heaters, and grout.


Sometimes algae and other material can cause staining in your pool. We stock a variety of different cleaning products to clear up stains, remove any metal or debris, and clean your filter.


We offer free water testing with purchase at our retail store (Regular cost $3). However if you want to do testing of your own we offer full water testing kits as well as test strips.

Spa Chemicals

Pools aren’t the only ones who need to maintain their water chemistry. While many chemicals can be used for both pools and spas certain products are spa specific. Check out our spa chemical lineup here.